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О колледже

Our college, being an institution of secondary special education, trains medical workers with secondary special education for medical and preventive institutions of the republic in accordance with the educational standards of secondary special education, which establish requirements for the content of the professional activity of a specialist.

The college implements educational programs of basic education in the following specialties

2-79 01 01 "Medical business",
2-79 01 31 "Nursing"

and the corresponding program of education of students.

The educational institution, being in line with the global trends of changing the paradigm of the educational process, actively creates an innovative educational environment that includes:

  • professional monitoring of the rapidly growing information and resource base;
  • the use of various innovative educational resources in the educational process;
  • possession of pedagogical technologies of professional education
  • mastering the new role of a teacher in the pedagogical process.

The college is also actively engaged in additional education of specialists with secondary medical education. The institution implements a number of educational programs for additional adult education:

  • retraining of specialists with secondary special education in the following specialties

2-81 04 02 "Anesthesiology", 2-81
04 04 "Surgery",
2-81 04 05 "Radiology", 2-81
04 06 "Physiotherapy";

  • advanced training of specialists with secondary special education in the profile of education "Healthcare",

the direction of education "Prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and health care organization".
The college staff will be glad to see you as our students or a student of PC and PPK courses, a participant in our seminars, an active visitor to the institution's website.

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